Friendor Feature: Esther Gallarday Photography

“Friendor” Feature: Esther Gallarday Photography

Happy Friday, and today I’d like to introduce an amazing photographer, who I’m honored to call my friend, Esther Gallarday. Yes, I made up “friendor”. To explain, as wedding vendors, we work with a lot of amazing people, and every once in a while, you magically click with someone that you are lucky to call a friend. Esther has been my number one fan and supporter since I started my floral adventure. We were introduced via Facebook, in her search for a florist for a photo shoot. And ever since then, from photo shoots to real weddings, we always reconnect and surprise each other with our craft.

Esther has a special way of embracing the moment and transcending it through your body, with one image at a time. When I’m lucky enough to work with Esther, somehow, she captures the image, and I fall in love with my job, all over again. Every time I see a glimpse of her work, I get goosebumps.  Please, check out Esther’s phenomenal work here: Esther Gallarday Photography

Happy Friday! And remember to stop and smell the roses…




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