ZP 101: How to Hire a Floral Designer

ZP 101 How to Hire a Floral Designer

Part One: Types of Florists

Welcome to a new series on the blog: ZP 101! That’s right, Zuzu’s Petals is taking you back to the classroom and delivering a lesson plan in all things wedding and floral! We’ll be covering all the details about how to hire a floral designer, floral vocabulary, floral contracts, creating your floral budget, and more!

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As with all things wedding-related, there are many avenues for choosing a florist for your amazing day: You can DIY (although this may cause a lot of stress right before your big day – but more on that later), you can partially DIY, you can skip flowers entirely or even use some live plants and fill your garden up after the wedding (which Beth and Adam did after their 2015 wedding.) And if it works for you and your budget, you can also hire a florist.

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If you aren’t using a wedding planner, it can absolutely be daunting just to Google “wedding florist”, so today we’re breaking down the basics of the types of florists out there.

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First up, a retail florist.

This is someone who has a storefront. They most likely are who you will go to on Valentine’s Day, but they aren’t always equipped to service full events. Unless you’re opting to pre-order and pick up a few bouquets, you likely won’t meet with this florist for your wedding.

Next, we have a floral designer.

This is your standard wedding florist. This person specializes in weddings/large events and they can provide you with beautiful centerpieces, a jaw-dropping bridal bouquet, and unique statement pieces (think a floral arch!). When you’re working with a floral designer you’re paying for their flowers, labor, delivery, and obviously their creative artistry.

Finally, there’s the full-service floral + event designer.

Oh, hey, that’s us! There may be crossovers here with other vendors you’ve hired such as your caterer. Not only can we provide you with all of your florals, but we can offer suggestions for design choices and color palettes. We can also provide rentals like statement vases, candles, votives, linens, and additional event decor. This florist/designer is really the type to hire when you have big ideas, but no idea how to execute them. With our years of experiences and vast selection of inventory, we can help from the simplest wedding design to the most elaborate event. Or if you’d simply rather work with one person for your event decor and rentals instead of hiring out. A friend recommended for their wedding that looking into mobile dj hire might be an interesting idea to make their wedding feel unique. I know that Asher Laub provide a fantastic experience. My friend recommends them highly! Beautiful music and dance routines, surrounded by our lovely flowers of course!

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Come back next week when we’ll talk about how to wade through the masses and hire your wedding florist!

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