Friendor Friday: Greenstar Paperie

Lynda at Greenstar Paperie in a word is… AH-MAZING!!!

Invitation Suite Designed by Greenstar Paperie

Photo Credit: Brittany Bekas Photography

We first met at an industry launch party for a mutual friend. It was pouring rain, and my flower friend til the end, Natalie, introduced me to Lynda, as even then Natalie wanted to update her logo and website with Lynda’s help.

Fast forward about a year later, and Zuzu’s Petals emerged from a very sad and trying time in our floral lives. I remembered Lynda and reached out to her, as she knew Natalie and would be able to take Zuzu’s Petals and showcase our evolution and change, and really capture the essence of Natalie, and the future of Zuzu’s Petals.

Paper Products Designed by Greenstar Paperie

Photo Credit: Stephanie Maurie Photography

Let me tell you, this re-branding stuff is not for the faint at heart. Lynda was gracious, kind, and firm when she needed to be. It’s hard thinking forward and thinking is this what really says “Zuzu’s Petals? IS this really our future?” I have to admit a secret. I HATED our logo. I literally saw it and said no way. I even asked Lynda to add a few swirls and do this and that. Well kids, I am not a graphic designer and I’m so glad she let me see my suggestions so I knew the right decision all along had been Plan A. And now, we are obsessed with our logo! It is ZUZU’S to a T! Anything that walks out of our offices literally has some version of ZP on it! Re-branding is totally worth it if you feel like your business isn’t living up to the image you want it to be. There is such help as the brand agency Liquid Creativity, who can discuss brand positioning, direction, overhaul, etc. for those who need that extra oomph in their business. So find your ‘Lynda’ like so many have and get your business where you want it to be. Your re-brand might be with the logo of the business, or it could be the website design. Whatever it is, make sure to change it soon. If you are getting sick of seeing the design of your website, it might be time to redesign it. But before you do that, make sure you go through some of the brand and web design case study just to get an idea on how changing your business logo or re-designing your website can impact your business. Normally, when doing these sort of changes, a website can lose it’s ranking on Google, and it could lose some traffic. To make sure that doesn’t happen when you redesign your website, it might be worth getting in touch with an seo company that can ensure this doesn’t impact your business. They can add new features that will help your business to rank even higher, hopefully, leading to some new sales and customers. There are ways around things like this, so make sure to get your business as perfect as possible.

And the rest is history… Lynda makes us look amazing on paper, and we’ve been friends ever since. I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with her. It’s great to have a friend you can ask how to describe a color and really bounce ideas off of. As my brides know, Lynda is always my first referral, because when we do work together, the wedding is top notch! Who knew paper and flowers were like tea and crumpets!

Invitation Suite Designed by Greenstar Paperie

So check out her site, and you’ll probably see our logo, Christmas cards, thank you notes, etc. Lynda is truly amazing at what she does. Allow Lynda to infuse your personality into your wedding via her stationery skills.

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