ZP 101: How to Create Your Floral Budget in a Pinterest World

How to Create Your Floral Budget

Any planner (or former bride) will tell you that you HAVE to tackle your wedding budget before doing any other planning and figuring out what amount you’re going to allocate to florals is no exception. If you’re a total flower fiend, then you’ll prioritize your budget to reflect that. That being said, the majority of brides end up spending 8-10% of their overall budget on their wedding flowers. That amount usually includes the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, flowers for parents and grandparents, and ceremony and reception arrangements. Issues arise though in today’s Pinterest world of towering arrangements, floral chandeliers, floral walls, and 15 bridesmaids. So how can you combine the glamour you’ve seen online with the actual amount of money in your wedding account?

NYE Wedding Bouquet
Photo Credit: Emily Gualdoni Photography

Use in Season Florals

If you’re getting married in October, you can have those peonies you love so much, but you’ll be paying for them! Ever seen a cluster of heirloom carnations? Trust your florist, let them show you cost-cutting options!


Reuse Those Bridesmaids Bouquets

If you’re having a long head table or a ton of wedding guests (which means a ton of guest tables) those extra arrangements will come in handy not only to fill space but to cut down costs.


Consider Low Centerpiece Arrangements

The grand arrangements can up the wow factor, but due to more intense labor, you’re also upping the cost.


Be Upfront About Your Budget

Your vendors WANT to work with you and give you your dream day. Share images to hone in on style and color, and then allow the florist to select stems that fit your look and your budget.

Wedding Cake with Florals by Zuzu's Petals
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Choose Big Blooms

Sure orchids and other luxe blooms can seem costly, but you’ll need far fewer of them and they pack a huge punch.

Go Green

Use greenery in your arrangements whenever possible. Lush leaves will help fill arrangements without sacrificing style. Opt for leafy garlands, herbaceous bridesmaid bouquets, and woodland-like ferns.

Light it Up

Candles don’t just create extra ambience, they can fill out centerpieces without filling up your budget.


Don’t Buy, Rent

There are plenty of websites that tell you buying in bulk (votives, linens, vases, etc.) can save so much money. If you’re really pinching pennies, then this can end up being the case, but this also means you’re the one having to get these items to the venue, get them set-up, take them home, get them cleaned, and resell them. If you’re time is worth more than that, and it is, then just rent these items through your florist to save energy!

Styled Farm Shoot with Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Ron Delhaye


Splurge on the Statement Pieces That Are Photographed

Especially Your bouquet or head table arrangements since they will get photographed a lot! So go big on those items!

Review the entire space and make sure it’s maximized with your designs. Strategically placed tall centerpieces and candles make a huge difference!

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