ZP 101: What is Your Floral Style?

What is Your Floral Style

Ok, we are moving along… are you feeling flower smarter? You’ve looked into the types of florists in your area and you’ve worked on dealing with your Pinterest expectations and created your floral budget, what’s next? It’s time to figure out your floral style! Before you reach out to the florists on your wish list, take a few moments to think about the types of flowers and floral design you like. And just as important, think about what you DON’T like! Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s helpful to have some key words all florists know to express your style! And remember, it’s absolutely fine to be in love with one, two, or even three of the styles! This is where your personality can really shine through your florals!


Want something a little outside the box with bright blooms and vibrant color? Bold is what you’re looking for. You don’t have to fancy yourself a flower child to appreciate this style of laid-back yet polished blooms.

Bold Wedding Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Abbey Grim / Pat+Cassie


Classic floral design is usually rounded and crisp, and often features roses. Crisp white blossoms evoke a sense of timelessness and are every bit as versatile as a little black dress. Classic florals can look elegant in all types of venues, from churches to loft spaces, and possess limitless, year-round appeal.

Classic Wedding Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Julia FranzosaEsther Gallarday


A more minimal design, usually featuring clean lines, contemporary shapes, unexpected items, and non-traditional focal points. Bold and avant-garde centerpieces can make the most impact in a sparse setting like a gallery, loft, or museum.

Modern Wedding Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Pawinski Photography


These garden-esque flowers are inspired by the outdoors, and feature more greenery, and loose, organic designs. For outdoor weddings or those that are a bit more casual, a more contemporary bouquet with less structure would be more fitting. And just because you’re going with a more natural look doesn’t mean you’ll lose any style. An organic bouquet (especially with a romantic or wild twist) can feel just as formal and look as lovely as the next arrangement.

Natural Wedding Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Slack PhotographyEsther Gallarday


Romantic designs feature looser, fluffier flowers, and often utilize neutrals in the pink family such as beige and blush. Fall head over heels in love with these decadent arrangements. Botanical gardens, waterside parks and vineyards are just a few great outdoor locations for an outdoor romantic wedding.  A white tent lit with soft lighting against the star lit sky conjures ideas of romance for many people. Candles are often an integral element in a romantic wedding.  The soft, flattering light and the moods they inspire are perfect.  

Romantic Wedding Florals by Zuzu's Petals
Photo Credit: Gina and Tony Photography


This style is typically characterized by lots of different colors and textures, and a looser more free-flowing design. Think, “just-picked.” A wild bouquet can appear effortless in both rustic and contemporary settings.

Wild Wedding Florals Zuzu's Petals Chicago
Photo Credit: Pat+Cassie

In reality, most of these styles have a lot of overlap. Perhaps you want a wild bouquet with romantic colors, or a romantic bouquet with a natural vibe, so don’t worry about figuring out the exact term for what you want. Instead, use these ideas as a guide when doing your research and communicating with your florist.

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