Friendor Friday: Ed & Aileen Photography

Well hello FRIDAY! For this week’s “friendor feature” we are talking about an amazing duo of Chicago Wedding Photographers, Ed & Aileen Photography. If you’re after a Photographer in the Portland area, I recommend you check out Dylan M Howell as well! Alternatively, if you are in the New York area, then you might consider Olga Topchii at as an option for your special day! There are just so many talented photographers out there… Anyway, I actually met Aileen at a photoshoot and her energy was intoxicating! She is so bubbly and energetic that I couldn’t help but smile every time she shared the shots she’d taken. Since then, we bumped into each other here and there, and with that I met Ed. I love their story and you can really see their passion through their work. I’ve had to pleasure to work with them and it’s always a fabulous experience. Their style really captures that “feeling” at that moment. Check out our interview, and stop by their site, to see more of their photographic magic.

Wedding Photographer Interview by Zuzu's Petals

Company Name: Ed & Aileen Photography

Service Area: Wedding Photography

Years in Business: 1.5 years

How Did You Begin Your Career? Ed & Aileen Photography was born out of our passion for photography and our love of unscripted moments.

AILEEN: My passion has always been photography. Since I was a child, I always had a camera in my hand. My poor parents probably have so many random cats and “artistic” lawn photos from all those disposable cameras. During my time at University of Wisconsin – Madison, I worked with Ed at a family photography studio. I remember how amazing it felt to be able to document the love that families had for each other. I looked for any opportunity to increase my experience and knowledge of what to do behind the camera. Unfortunately, I stopped photography while pursuing my law degree. I didn’t realize just how much I missed holding an actual camera until our honeymoon. It felt amazing. When we got home from our honeymoon, we never looked back. Ed & Aileen Photography was born!

ED: Similar to Aileen, I always wanted to be a photographer. I was lucky enough to have been able to study the art of photography during college, learning the fundamentals of film photography and honing in on my skills in the darkroom. Now, I always have a camera by my side. Aileen and I decided to pursue wedding photography because we understand just how important it is to capture the emotion and love that takes place on a wedding day. We love being able to freeze a moment in time where you can just see the love in someone’s eyes.

Wedding Photographer Interview by Zuzu's Petals

Describe Your Ideal Client: Nothing excites us more than working with couples who want to document their love story through beautiful, candid moments.

What Makes You Different At What You Do? We tell stories in documentary form, and we believe in the authenticity of a relationship. It’s all about the connection, the emotions. From the nervous glances to the whirlwind that occurs on a wedding day, we have the privilege of capturing true love and happiness. Our couples commission us not only to capture the next chapter of their story, but also to create an heirloom.

Wedding Photographer Interview by Zuzu's Petals

What Do You Love Most About Weddings? Weddings still make us cry. They are absolutely beautiful. It’s not the decor or the location we love; instead, it’s the emotions and the glee that our couples experience. From the first look and the happy tears to those quick glances between the bride and groom, it’s those moments that make our job absolutely incredible.

Wedding Photographer Interview by Zuzu's Petals

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