ZP 101: How to Hire a Floral Designer, Part Two

What to Look for in a Floral Designer

Happy Monday, everyone! This awesome blog post is coming at you from my rockstar VA who is ALSO a wedding planner, so she knows what’s up! See you next week with more beautiful florals!

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All florists are not created equal.

Education and experience matter and are worth paying for. Plenty of brides comparison shop (which is fine!), but look through all quotes with a fine tooth comb. Is one quote extra “cheap” because the service of setup and teardown wasn’t included or were artificial florals incorporated, yep you read that right, in the centerpieces? Remember, you get what you pay for.

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Can they provide what you need?

This is where you need to consider what is important to you. Will the florist deliver the flowers? Will the florist set up the flowers? If you’re ordering from a floral shop instead of a wedding florist, they might not be able to deliver and setup all of your florals. Or you may have a small budget and are only looking for personal florals, but a seasoned floral designer may have a pricing minimum you must meet in order to book them.

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Special touches to wow your guests.

Any floral designer worth their salt will be able to create at least one wow factor with your florals. Whether it’s a lush bouquet, a boxwood escort card display, or a stunning staircase showstopper, the right florist can work with your vision and budget (be realistic though) to create your dream day.

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Get referrals from your planner and photographer. They’ve worked with a ton of florists and will happily give a recommendation! At ZP we love referring, too! Just check out our Friendor Friday series!

Never be afraid to ask questions! Read through the contract, read through the proposal, and don’t hesitate to book the florist who gets your vision and is excited to work with you!

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