How to Wear Flowers on Your Wedding Day

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When deciding on your wedding theme, one of the most important factors is your color palette. It’s best to decide on your wedding dress first and then it can determine what color scheme to go for. If you’ve not decided on a dress yet, don’t panic! You can check out Sonas Couture’s Indian wedding dresses amongst others for inspiration. Along with that are the flowers you pick for the celebration — a subtle but crucial decision that you need to make when envisioning your dream wedding. They will be one of your statement pieces throughout your wedding photos, so you will want to make sure that they look amazing and be a good reminder of what your wedding was like. It’s really important that you get a wedding photographer that can truly show off your wedding in their photos. You can’t just pick any photographer, you need to make sure that you do your research and pick the right one for you, such as this wedding photographer cornwall. This is a really important step, particularly if you have spent ages picking the right flowers for your wedding.

Flowers give a fresh, clean, and natural effect. While most would stick to its more common purpose, to decorate the venue or carry down the aisle, you might actually want to wear flowers on your wedding day. They’re romantic, beautiful, and the perfect bridal accessory and will complement your wedding flowers bridal bouquet perfectly.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to do it:

The Half Bloom

With a side-swept ponytail, try pinning a few flowers on your ponytail to get a sweet yet grand hairstyle and overall look. It will give you a full effect of your ‘do without having to embrace a full crown on top of your head. Match your hair piece with your bouquet to fully own the look!

Photographer: PAT + CASSIE

The Soft and Delicate Band

Smaller florals such as baby’s breath and daisies are ideal for making a fine and dainty hair band. It gives you a natural yet romantic look without the heavy feeling on your head. It creates a subtle floral effect, especially with a simple flowy dress. Perfect for your bridesmaids and other guests as memorabilia, too!

Photographer: Krista Scarlavai Photography

The Captivating Crown

This one is a classic. Flower crowns never go out of style and is without fault a go-to hair accessory for your special days. A couple of your favorite flowers may be included in your crown together with peonies, roses, and a lot more! Just add a little bit of bold color to achieve a full and complementary appearance.

Photographer: PAT + CASSIE

The Flower Child

If you would rather have a lighter feeling and don’t want to wear your favorite florals yourself, your favorite littles may wear them instead. This gives your your special day even more of a magical touch than it already has. Additionally, lively children with lively flower crowns would give more life to the party!

Photography: Colin Lyons

The Fiery Blossom

Take it up a notch or two! Wear your flowers instead of carrying it on your head or in your hair. Go for the bold look and match it with a hair piece as well. However, if you want the focus to be on the flowers on your dress, go for an updo to have a neater style and so the guests’ eye will shift to your striking arm candy.

Photographer: Amanda Dumouchelle

There are a lot more ways to wear and style your favorite flowers on your special day, just make sure to talk to your hair artist and floral designer about what you want it to be. You can also look into companies like Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts to see if they can help you choose something extra special. Either way, surely you will look stunning and amazing on your wedding day!

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