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This isn’t our normal wedding or floral education post, but I’m so excited to share this one! I was able to learn from someone I’ve admired from afar for almost a decade (maybe more, but I don’t want to do more math than I already do). This spring I had the opportunity to allow my brain to absorb some really amazing techniques, a wealth of inspiration, new resources, new flower friends, and a rejuvenation to my passion. Allow me to introduce the amazing, Sue of PassionFlower!

What would normally be a quick drive to Michigan turned into 8 hours due to a crazy rainstorm, but I finally ended up at a quaint house ready to catch up with sweet floral friends. Jori of Fab Flora, Lovely of May Floral, Michelle of Pollen, and I were so excited to be in the perfect setting for late nights chatting about flowers and business! We had a great dinner anticipating the workshop, and off to bed we went to wake up early to start our learning adventure.

On the dreariest spring day, we waltzed into Sue’s studio which couldn’t have been more perfect. All of the flowers we were to work with were all around us, it was just so delightful and amazing, I couldn’t absorb everything fast enough.

We first started with corsages, and yes, I made us Wonder Woman pose our wrist corsages because we are floral rockstars! And I know I was a wire only kinda gal for those corsages, but Sue has shed a new light on the modern version and I’m super excited to unleash my creativity with the new designs!

We then grew our designs into larger pieces creating floral crowns, bouquets, low and lush centerpieces, and larger than life tall centerpieces. I truly skip a beat thinking about this experience! Susan is an amazing teacher and she allowed me to be annoying with every question. Well, my classmates allowed me to be annoying as well, so I will endlessly thank them, too!

I truly drove back with new pep in my step. I unleashed the inner designer inside of me screaming for the allowance to “Magda It” again. Don’t get me wrong, I always “Magda It” but there are times, you fall into a pattern and don’t realize it until you drive 8 hours away, have an opportunity to break away from the daily grind, talk about every (business) topic on your mind, and play with new flowers you were scared of before. It was a floral and brain re-boot for myself and Zuzu’s. Thank you for joining me on this journey! Can’t wait to showcase more learning opportunities, workshops, and ZP unleashed!

Photographer: Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

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  1. March Samoylenko January 17, 2020 at 11:35 pm #

    Love the floral crown. This is truly inspirational!

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